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 Published: 16/07/2013



Self directed care proposal

In order to maximise the health and wellbeing of Aucklanders, Auckland DHB is working towards a model of self-directed care. This has been described as “an alternative way of delivering services that seeks to empower participants by expanding their degree of choice and control” (Alakeson, 2010).


The voices of primary care providers are important in this change process. That’s why we are opening the floor to ask – what are your thoughts? How can we best move from where we are to where we want to be?


Click here to join the conversation.



Proposed changes to Primary Care

In late 2009 the Ministry of Health called for expressions of interest to deliver ‘Better, Sooner, More Convenient Primary Care’. Three groups across the Auckland region have been established to do so – Alliance Health+, the Greater Auckland Integrated Health Network (GAIHN) and the National Hauora Coalition. More information can be found here.


What are Primary Health Organisations?
Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) are the local structures for delivering and co-ordinating primary health care services. PHOs bring together doctors, nurses and other health professionals (such as Maori health workers, health promotion workers, dieticians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists and midwives) in the community to serve the needs of their enrolled populations.

PHOs can vary widely in size, structure, philosophy and are not-for-profit. The Minister of Health released a set of minimum requirements that guided the establishment of PHOs, and set out standards that PHOs must meet. This includes a requirement that PHOs will give communities, iwi and enrolled people the opportunity to have their say about the services PHOs provide.


The first PHOs were established in July 2002 and as of August 2011 there were four PHOs operating in the Auckland DHB area.

What are the benefits of belonging to a PHO?
People will be part of local primary health care services that improve their health, keep them well, are easy to get to and co-ordinate their ongoing care.

Primary health care services will focus on better health for a population, and actively work to reduce health inequalities between different groups.

People can expect more affordable primary health care services. For example; lower costs of doctors visits and pharmaceutical charges.