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Who and what are we?

We are your local Community Mental Health Centre (CMHC) and we provide treatment for people with mental health needs.

Who can use our Service?

Anyone between the ages of 18 – 65 years

  • Who is in need of an urgent psychiatric assessment.
  • Whose GP feels they need a specialist psychiatric assessment.
  • Who has a mental health problem which would benefit from Specialist Support
  • Who has a long-term mental health disorder.
  • People between 16 and 18 years who are living independently and who have left school can also use our service.

How can you use St Lukes C.M.H.C.?

  • You can come into our service by being referred preferably by your GP, though you may make a direct contact via the Triage/Crisis Team.
  • Other agencies may refer you to us.

What is the next step?

After the initial contact, more information is needed. We will ask you questions, possibly by telephone, so we can work out if/how we can help you. Then, if needed, we will arrange a meeting with you one or more members of our staff to get a more complete picture of your needs. You are more than welcome to bring support/whanau.

We will ask you questions about:

  • The difficulties you are experiencing.
  • Your background (including personal and family history).
  • Other matters which may have a bearing on your problems and how you are coping.

At the end of the interview we will discuss the next steps you might take and whether or not we can help you with those steps.

As a consumer you have the right to:

  • A culturally sensitive service.
  • Confidentiality – in line with The Health Information Privacy Code.
  • Considerate and respectful care.
  • Participation in decisions about your care. To request gender/age/culturally appropriate personnel to care for you.
  • To request a second opinion.
  • To make a complaint.
  • To request an advocate.

What do we offer?

  • Assessment.
  • Crisis Interventions.
  • Help/advice in relation to the Mental Health Act.
  • Providing and monitoring of medication.
  • Consumer advocacy and representation
  • Family therapy.
  • Integrated Mental Health Care.
  • Groups with a specific focus.
  • Information/advice about other Mental Health programmes.
  • Specialist Treatment including Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Psychological Therapy.
  • Liaison with other social & medical services.
  • Community Clinics providing access to support groups, provision and review of medications.
  • First-Episode Psychosis Service

Our team includes:

  • Clerical Staff
  • Psychiatrists
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Integrated Mental Health Worker
  • A Consumer Representative
  • Trainees on Placement
  • Maori and Pacific Mental Health Staff

Mission Statement
"St Lukes Community Mental Health Centre is committed to improve the health of our clients and the quality of the health service by:

  • Providing a culturally safe service in the wairua (spirit) of partnership, self-determination and recovery;
  • Promoting recovery outcomes based upon the potential of optimal health and quality of life:
  • Facilitating pathways that recognise individual uniqueness, whanau and iwi;
  • Working in a real and meaningful way with our clients recognising our responsibilities as Mental Health Professionals".

Kauhautia Whakamaramatia

  •  “Kia Mahitahi ai, kia puta ai te hua pai o te wairua whiwhinga ai ite tu pakari;
  • Hei whakatu huarahi whiwhi ai ite oranga motuhake;
  • Whakatu ara huarahi mo te whanau, hapu me te iwi;
  • Kia mahitahi pono ae nga kaimahi, ki nga whanau, hapu me te iwi”.

Contact Details

If you need to know whether you (your residential address) falls within our area of operations and if you need directions to St. Luke's please click on the map below



Hours of Work
8.30am – 4.30pm
Monday to Friday
615 New North Road,
Entrance & Parking
Between 6 and 6a Western Springs Road
(09) 845 0940
(09) 845 0941