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 Published: 28/11/2011


Click on the links below to go to information about groups offered by the FEP team

Straight Talking Adventure Club Storytelling Philosophy Medication Matters


We believe that participation in groups can be a very helpful part of recovering from psychosis as well as something that can be enjoyable and way of meeting other people who may have had similar experiences. For that reason, we do try to encourage our clients to attend some of our groups. We offer various groups in the FEP team, running different groups at different times of the year.

On this page we've put some information about the various groups that we run in the FEP team. If there is a particular group you are interested in, please let a member of staff know, and we'll do what we can to make sure we run that particular group. Or if you have an idea for a group that you'd like us to run, do let us know and we can talk about if we could do that.

Groups that we run regularly include our 'Straight Talking' group, which is a group where we share information about psychosis, and our 'Adventure Club', which is an activity-based group. We also run a 'Storytelling Group', where the focus is on how we each develop our own story to make sense of our experience.

Other groups that we have run in the past, and may offer again in the future (particularly if there is demand for them) include a 'Philosophy Group' and a group where we discuss issues relating to medication, 'Medication Matters'.


The Straight Talking group is usually run about 3 times per year. This group is open to clients of the FEP team. Information about the group is below.

This group consists of a series of workshops to help you find out more about psychosis, to start to consider how it may impact on your life and to develop some understanding of the experiences you may have had.

Some things we will discuss are:

What actually is psychosis?

What helps people recover?

Uncover some of those myths about mental health?

Would you like to meet with some others that have had a similar experience of psychosis? 

Dale Rook and Tim Hurley are the main co-ordinators of this group.



In 2005, we are running an Adventure Club which runs for an 8 week cycle, involving one afternoon per week, and one full day activity.


Rationale and Objectives:

  • To enhance social and community integration skills.
  • To reduce stigma and isolation and facilitate re engagement with communities.
  • Build confidence and self esteem through graded activity and supported risk taking.
  • To foster hope and sense of mastery by providing opportunity to make choices and set personal goals.
  • To experience meaningful and fun occupations that promote physical health and emotional wellbeing that are acceptable to this youthful group of clients.
  • Experience a sense of belonging to a group, develop and practice a range of roles within the group context.


  • Closed and structured group
  • Participants commit to attending 6 sessions
  • Funding costs cover activities, transport and staffing
  • Facilitated by 2 FEP staff
  • Sessions are 2-3 hours long; last session is a full day
  • Clients buy or bring their own refreshments

Example of activities arranged for 2005 group:

  • Week1: Trip to beach
  • Week2: Mini Golf
  • Week3: Ten-pin bowling
  • Week4: Kayaking 
  • Week 5: Rockclimbing
  • Week 6: Full day trip to Rangitoto Island


swim lion golf




The storytelling group is usually run by Dale Rook and Jim Geekie. We hope to run the group later this year (2005). If you are keen for us to run this group, then please let us know.

We want to encourage clients, both past and present to share their stories. We believe that some people can find it helpful to make their in story (in whatever form the choose, such as a narrative, or a photography, a painting, music, etc). If you would like to add your story to our web site, please contact Jim Geekie. We will put these stories on this web site here.

Purpose of group

The purpose of this group is to look at the importance of stories in our lives, as a way of communicating our thoughts and feelings about our experiences to other people. We will have a bit of a look at stories in general, then focus on how we can ‘story’ experiences of mental health difficulties in particular. 

Overview of group

There will be four sessions. Our plan each of the sessions is as follows:

1. Introductions; purpose of group; different ways of telling stories

2. Invited speaker to tell his or her story of mental health; starting to work on our own stories.

3. Sharing our stories with the group (only as much or as little as you feel comfortable with).

4. Finishing our storytelling; reflections on storytelling, and ‘where to from here?’.

We can be flexible about what we include in the group, so if you have any ideas for something we should talk about, please let us know and we will try to include that too. 

Structure of group

We hope to vary how the group is run, and would encourage everyone to participate. Sometimes we will discuss things as a large group, other times we may break up into smaller groups. We will have a few stories, a couple of poems and even a song to listen to, all of which will, hopefully relate to our discussions.



The Philosophy Group usually runs about 3 or 4 times over a year, sometimes during the day, sometimes in the evening. The group usually meets weekly for about 6 - 8 weeks.


A discussion group to help develop ways of looking for answers to important questions. Topics covered will include, but not be limited to questions relating to mental health. In past groups, we have discussed “What is real? How do we know what is real?”; “Does medication change your personality?”; “How do we evaluate our beliefs?”.


We have not arranged a start time for the next group at the moment. Talk to a member of the FEP team if you are keen to do this group.


At St Lukes CMHC, 6a Western Springs Road. 


The group is open to clients of the FEP team.
Jim Geekie and Jim Burdett usually run the group. For more information contact Jim Geekie on 845 0940.



This group runs from time to time depending on when we have a group of clients who are interested in participating in this group.

This group is aimed specifically for clients of the FEP team. The purpose of this group is to discuss matters relating to medication, such as:

  • Should I take medication or not?

  • What are the effects of medication?

  • What are the unwanted effects of medication?

  • How does taking medication effect me personally?

  • How to deal with the some of the problems associated with taking medication, including increased appetite, stigma etc.

WHERE: St Lukes CMHC, 615 New North Road, Morningside.

This group will be run by clinical staff from the FEP team, and we will also have a dietician for one session.