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Outreach Service

Outreach is a collaborative partnership between the critical care department and other departments to ensure a continuum of care for patients irrespective of locality.

 Aims of Department of Critical Care Medicine Outreach

  • To consult/ manage care of  all tracheostomy patients in general wards and follow-up other DCCM patients who have been in DCCM longer than the average stay of 3 days, or who are patients with  complex therapies, or early discharge patients [ ie discharged from DCCM after 4 pm when H/O is not on ward to see patient]

  • To facilitate normal transfer/discharges for complex patients

  • To share critical care skills

  • To avert admissions-/ readmissions or to ensure that admissions/ readmissions are timely-by identifying patients who are deteriorating.  

 DCCM /ADHB Outreach configuration

  • DCCM Nurse Specialist - Monday to Friday 6am - 3 pm

  • DCCM registrar to codes red and blue 24/7

  • ADHB Clinical Nurse advisors available 24/7

Merilyn Beken   

Nurse Specialist