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 Published: 29/11/2011

data projector

Technical problems related to getting the data projector set up are far less common now that a critical mass of staff know how the various bits of technology are put together.  If you follow the sequence below, then hopefully everything will work first time and you won't be too stressed when the room fills up and you still have a blank screen in front of you.


  • Before you plug the data projector into the laptop, turn on the laptop.
  • This ensures that the initial screen output goes to the laptop screen before going to the projector (helpful if the computer does not boot up properly, but you don't know because there is no output to the projector).


  • Plug the power cord into the data projector.


  • If there is power to the unit, the top LED (ON) should glow orange.  The unit is still needs to be switched on.


  • Press ON/STANDBY (the left-most button) once.  The top LED should now glow green, and the middle LED (LAMP) will also glow green.


  • Plug the cable which will connect the laptop into the input plug on the projector.
  • Make sure you plug the cable into the RGB INPUT connection (not the RGB OUTPUT connection, which people often do in error).
cable plugs


  • It is safest to screw the cable in a bit so it does not accidentally fall out in the middle of your presentation.
screw in the cable


  • Locate the corresponding 15-pin monitor output plug at the back or (sometimes) side of the computer.  It may be hidden under a little panel at the back of the computer.
monitor out


  • Plug the other end of the cable from the projector into the plug.
other end


  • Now you have to send the output from the computer through to the projector.  You can do this using the appropriate F key at the top of the keyboard with the image that looks like a desktop computer and a screen (in many computers, F5).  You will need to hold down the Fn key at the bottom of the keyboard at the same time.


  • Choose the option with LCD/CRT (or similar) so that you get output to both the computer and the projector screens.
LCD display


  • If there is no output into the data projector, you will end up with a signal on the screen you are projecting onto that looks like the one below.


  1. Check that the output from the computer is directed to the projector.
  2. Check that the cable to the projector is plugged in to the INPUT plug, not the OUTPUT plug.
  3. If the output is directed properly, and the cable is connected to the INPUT plug, then go to the projector and press the "INPUT" button on top of the projector and press it until it comes up with RGB.  Then your image should come up.
  4. If these don't work, you are in trouble - find someone who can help you at this point.


  • Shutting down the projector needs a little care too.  The bulb needs to cool down (bulbs are very expensive so they need to be looked after).
  • Press the ON/STANDBY button TWICE.  The ON LED will now glow orange but don't unplug the projector until the green LAMP LED stops flashing.
shutting down


  • Be careful packing it all away. Make sure you get the power cord and the cable connecting to the laptop.  Please replace any other items you removed from the case.
  • Make sure you put the projector back in its box the correct way, as if you jam it in the wrong way it will break when we try to get it out next time (we know this from experience...).


  • Return it to its rightful minder in Newborn Services.