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 Published: 29/11/2011

Resident Teaching

Monday 12:30pm – 1:30pm

The session is a practical, interactive Case-Based Learning tutorial with a consultant or fellow facilitating the session. The registrar assigned to the session will be expected to do some preparation (not onerous) to provide the case and emphasise the learning points to be achieved during the session. There is no need for a power point presentation, although one could be prepared as long as it is not the focus of the session. Please feel free to discuss with consultant/fellow beforehand.

Case based

  • Registrar is expected to choose a case and be familiar with the patient
  • Registrar will highlight key learning points (common neonatal problems listed below)


  • Preparation is not expected to be extensive, but case familiarity is important
  • The session should not be dominated by a power point presentation
  • A list of key learning points should be provided (not all of these need to be met and unexpected learning opportunities will occur)
  • Key learning points should be practical (i.e. be able to explain a PDA to parents, be able to adjust ventilation for a given clinical situation, to recognise the risk factors and clinical presentation of sepsis, manage cyanotic infant etc.)
  • Providing reading material to accompany the learning points is optional


  • Structure is very flexible
  • Registrar begins by presenting the case
  • Registrar/facilitator guides learning opportunities
  • Various techniques can be used within the tutorial. For example:
  • Questioning
  • Brain storming
  • Role Play
  • Pop Quiz type questioning
  • Individual, pair or whole group discussion
  • Problem solving
  • Anything that enhances learning and interaction


  • Tutorial starts promptly at 12:30pm

  • Allow ten minutes at the end to summarise and reinforce learning points


Common Neonatal Topics that can be included

Topic Preceptors
Resuscitation of the term infant Resuscitation of the preterm infant
Conventional Ventilation High Frequency Ventilation
Respiratory Distress Syndrome/Surfactant CPAP, High Flow and Low Flow
Apnoea and Caffeine Chronic Lung Disease
Meconium Aspiration PPHN
Glucose Homeostasis/Management Congenital Heart Disease
Jaundice Retinopathy of Prematurity
Infections Asphyxia and Seizures
Hypotension/Haemodynamics of Prematurity Patent Ductus Arteriosus 
IVH/PVL/Neurodevelopmental disability Borderline Viability
Necrotising enterocolitis Congenital anomalies/Dysmorpholgy
IUGR/SGA  Nutrition
Feeding Difficulties Common Post Natal Ward Problems

Last updated November 29, 2011