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Orientation Booklet
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 Published: 10/04/2014

Orientation Booklet

The link below or to the left will open the orientation booklet provided for SHOs and Registrars.  It can only be obtained through the intranet site.

This booklet was written largely by Leigh McCarthy and Bernadette Page (NS-ANPs). We have made every attempt to update the information contained in this booklet. Please be advised that some information may be superseded by information on the website, which is more up to date.

It can be printed out on to A4 paper.

The user is advised to make it into a booklet from A4 size, so it can be carried in a pocket.  Using the photocopier (or an equivalent) within the Newborn Service department, set the photocopier to

  • Applications, then
  • Booklet

and it will all be done for you!