Prevention of Hypothermia in Infants <30 weeks Gestation


Approved by Clinical Practice Committee
Re-Issued with minor edits
April 2015
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Introduction Which Babies When and How to Apply In the Operating Theatre
In Delivery Unit When CPAP is Required When to Remove the Wrap References


Which Babies

When and How to Apply

  1. Baby wrapped without drying wrapping the head first.
Baby wrapped without drying
  1. Sides wrapped in similar fashion as one would when using a towel.
Wrapping of the sides
  1. Infant is resuscitated in plastic wrap.
Resuscitation within plastic
  1. Heart-rate can be auscultated through plastic.
Auscultation of the chest through the plastic
  1. A SaO2 probe should be applied to the right arm/hand as soon as possible following delivery via the bottom of the wrapped infant.
  2. Vitamin K should be given in the Newborn Unit. (Note this should be prescribed on the stat dose side of the drug sheet).
  3. Temperature should be taken immediately on arrival in the NICU and again at 1 hour.

In the Operating Theatre

  • Plastic wrap pre-warmed on heat table.
Prewarmed plastic on heat table

In Delivery Unit

When CPAP is Required

When to Remove Wrap


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