Management of Small- or Large-for Gestational Age Infants on the Postnatal Ward


Reviewed by Jane Harding
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See also Guideline on Management of Hypoglycaemia

This guideline refers to term or near-term babies who are:

These babies are at risk of:

  1. Temperature should be monitored before feeds for 12 hours or until stable
  2. Baby should be closely observed for signs of hypoglycaemia or hypothermia (e.g jitteriness, pallor, lethargy).
  3. Routine blood glucose measurement should have been requested by the LMC or Paediatrician within the first hour following birth and 4-hourly or pre-feed thereafter (whichever comes first).
  4. Feeding should be commenced early; first feed within one hour of delivery and thereafter at least 3 hourly.
  5. The baby should be watched for jaundice and bilirubin levels measured as indicated.