Platelet Tranfusions


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  1. Platelets contain a few red cells. Therefore a Rh negative baby receiving platelets from a Rh positive donor will need Anti-D 0.5ml (about 62ug) subcutaneously within 72 hours (usually straight away) after the platelets to prevent baby producing own Anti-D.
  2. The usual infections risk of blood transfusion apply also to platelets, e.g. HIV, HBV, HCV and NANB hepatitis, CMV, Syphilis, Malaria, etc or bacterial contamination of the products.


  1. Keep at Room Temperature: Mix well. Use platelets as soon as they arrive on ward.
  2. Draw into new plastic syringe through new 170ug blood filter.
  3. Volume to Transfuse
  4. Check post-transfusion platelet count


Ring ARBC during office hours or Auckland BB after hours to speak to duty medical specialist.


  • Patients name
  • Hospital number
  • Blood group
  • Red blood cell antibodies (if there are any)
  • Ward number


When needed:

  • Baby's weight
  • Current platelet count
  • Clinical Indications for platelet transfusion
  • Whether there are any restrictions on volume that can be infused and also whether there are coagulation factor deficiencies. (Only platelets made the same day will have plasma rich in clotting factors).

Write yellow cellular blood product request form (S440) in usual way and send to your Blood Bank.

For further details see:- *The Big Blue Blood Bank Book.

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