Patent Ductus Arteriosus


Reviewed by David Knight
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Usually diagnosed late. Most babies treated before this stage.



Chest X-ray

  • To look at heart size and lung fields.


  • The ECG is usually normal.
  • It is rarely done in preterm infants.


Indications for treatment

  1. Significant shunt in a small baby with ongoing lung disease.
  2. Closure of the ductus is aimed mainly at improving lung function.

<28 weeks or <1000gms, and on IPPV or CPAP

  • Echocardiogram at 3 days.
  • Significant PDA: Consider indomethacin.

Other babies on IPPV

  • Investigate if clinical suspicion.


  • See drug protocol.
  • Monitor creatinine, electrolytes, urine output & platelets before and at least daily initially.  If these parameters remain normal, then they do not need to be routinely checked after the 3rd dose.
  • Review baby and results before each dose.
  • Contraindications:
            Bleeding diathesis
            Poor renal function
            Pulmonary haemorrhage (note: may occur because there is a PDA)

Fluid restriction

  • While on indomethacin, reduce by 20-40ml/kg/day.
  • There is no evidence that fluid restriction per se results in closure of the duct but there are studies suggesting that early, liberal fluid intakes are associated with a higher incidence of PDA.


  • If PDA is still clinically significant after indomethacin, or if indomethacin is contraindicated.
  • Surgery will usually be performed on NICU.
  • Note that a increase in respiratory support is often required immediately after surgery.
  • Referral Process

Usual Follow-Up




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