Guidelines for Paediatric Management of Infants Born to HIV+ Pregnant Women


Reviewed by Simon Rowley &
Lesley Voss (Paediatric ID)
October 2018
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Prenatal Period Post-Delivery Testing Treatment
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Prenatal Period

Post Delivery


Time Tests FBC Clinical Review
T Cell Subsets PCR HIV Antibody
(Western Blot)
Day 1
(Cord blood)
No longer required from cord blood +
Week 1   + + + +
Week 4-8   +   +
4-6 months   + +   +
12 months +   +   +
18 months
(if still seropositive at 12 months)
+   +   +



The firstline choice for all babies is:

Possible additions to therapy following discussion between the neonatologist and paediatric ID team are -



People to be Contacted

  1. Neonatologists – Dr Simon Rowley (or in his absence, the on-call Level 2 specialist) should be contacted during normal working hours.
  2. Virologist - Dr K Croxson, Department of Virology and Immunology, LabPlus Building 31, Auckland Hospital, ext 6130, loc 93-4197, should be informed that the bloods are being sent.

Follow Up

Dr Rowley will follow these babies at the Neonatal Outpatient Clinic until 18 months, unless they are infected when care will be transferred to Dr L Voss, Starship Children’s Hospital.

Arranging Discharge Medication

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