Isolation Guidelines


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Antibiotic resistant organisms
+ contacts
  • Until cleared
  • ubiquitious but pregnant staff not asked to nurse - not a danger to other infants.
+ contacts
  • until cultures negative and asymptomatic.
Enterovirus + contacts
  • until asymptomatic and cultures negative.
Gonococcal ophthalmia
  • until treated ? 24 hours.
Hepatitis A
  •  mother: 3 weeks from onset of jaundice.
  • baby remain with mother in isolation - no treatment.
Hepatitis B
  • clinical - mother isolated in hospital.
  • carrier mother - syringe needle isolation
  • infant - see immunisation schedule
Herpes simplex*
+ contacts 
  • until proven negative.
Outborn infants except from other delivery suites
  • until cultures negative.
  • Infants from home -postnatal ward
Staphylococcal sepsis 
+ contacts
  • until negative and/or treated.
Necrotising enterocolitis *
  • desirable to isolate.
Rubella *
  • single room only because of danger to pregnant nurses
  • isolation not necessary.
  • mother and infant -until lesions crusted.

* Isolation may not be possible except for known highly contagious disease, but barrier nursing with gloves is indicated.