Administration of Oral Rotavirus Vaccine in NICU


Reviewed by Clinical Practice Committee
September 2014
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The Rotavirus Vaccine (RotaTeq) is now part of the Immunisation schedule. For the vaccine to be effective the first dose must be given before 15 weeks of age and the 3 dose course completed by 32 weeks of age. There will be some infants in NICU who will need to have their first dose before or at discharge. RotaTeq is a live oral vaccine.

Babies less than 15 weeks should receive their first dose at the time of discharge or be advised to go to their General Practitioner.

Babies not ready for discharge at 14weeks and 6 days will be given the vaccine in NICU. This oral vaccine can be administered by any member of the nursing staff on the drug register as long as the following criteria are met:

Prior to giving