Oxygen Therapy and Monitoring


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Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)

Moves to the Left Moves to the Right
  • Fetal Hb
    (SpO2 higher for given PaO2)

  • Alkalosis

  • Low temperature

  • Low PaCO2

  • Low 2-3 DPG

  • Adult Hb
    (SaO2 lower for a given PaO2)

  • Acidosis

  • High temperature

  • High PaCO2

  • Low 2-3 DPG

Umbilical Artery Catheter

Peripheral Artery (Radial, Ulnar or Posterior Tibial)

Arterial Stabs

Transcutaneous Monitor (TcPO2 and TcPCO2)

Capillary Blood Gas

Tissue Oxygenation