Intravenous Cannulation


Authorised by: Dale Garton, Luanne Massey, and Nicola Svirskis
September 2010
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Criteria for Certification

Maintenance of Certification

Diagrams of Vein & Artery Positions

IV Cannulation - Registered Nurses in NICU

The following outlines the criteria for certification of nurses undertaking IV cannulation within Newborn Services to ensure safety and best outcome.

Prerequiste: Must have worked as a level 3 nurse in NICU (as defined by ADHB PDRP)

Criteria for Certification

  1. View DVD/video on ‘Intravenous Cannulation Insertion’.
  2. Read teaching package and pass written test.
  3. IV insertion to be demonstrated by a staff member on the IV Certification list.
  4. Nurse is to be supervised/instructed for IV insertions by a certified IV cannulation nurse. Three successful IV insertions are to be witnessed and signed off by the supervising nurse.

Maintenance of Certification

  1. Maintain skill level by cannulating regularly aim for a minimum of one successful cannulation every two months (six per calendar year).  Record cannulation activity on competency maintenance sheet as evidence of competency.
  2. Yearly practical audit of practice by a colleague to be submitted with your performance appraisal.


Diagrams of Vein and Artery Positions

Anatomy of veins over the hands and feet

Main Veins`of the Arm

Superficial veins of the legs

Main Arteries of the Arm

Popliteal Artery and its Main Branches