Guidelines for NICU Parents Suite



Reviewed by Family Liason Nurses
November 2015
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Admission Criteria Contraindications Process for Booking Meals Discharge Criteria


For use by mothers of NICU babies to enable them to maintain close proximity with their baby, especially for those who are breast feeding or their baby is very unwell

Admission Criteria

For mothers who have been discharged from the hospital, who are medically well

Mothers will have post-natal midwifery care organised as if they were at home (provided by their LMC)

A partner/support person may stay, however Tamaki ward must be notified. Any visitor other than the documented mother and support person must adhere to ADHB visitor guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: If the mother is an ‘out of town’ mother, her care is handed over to the Medical Midwives on Level 9

Contraindications to Admission to NICU Mothers Suite

Mothers who may have social/ mental health issues identified that could impact negatively on their own safety or the safety of their baby need to be discussed with the NICU MDT before offering room.


Each room is equipped with Queen sized bed, linen, fridge, locker, breast pump, TV, toilet and handbasin (Parents to provide own padlock for locker)

Two Showers are located in an adjacent corridor to cater for all three rooms

Process for Plan for Booking Mothers into the ‘NICU Mothers Suite’

This is after the woman is discharged by the PNW with pre-arranged LMC follow up care

NICU Nurse Specialist- Family Liaison prioritises use of these rooms
during the week Monday - Friday 0730 – 1600 (After hours the NICU Clinical Charge Nurse prioritises use of room)



Discharge Criteria

The use of the room will be reviewed daily and in some occasions the mother may be asked to leave so the room can be shared with other families if numbers in the NICU are high.

If for any reason, the mother has noncompliance of the ADHB rules, we reserve the right to ask for the room to be vacated.