S29 Medications in NICU


October 2012
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What is a S29 medication?

The Medicines Act 1981 permits a registered medical practitioner, dentist and midwife to prescribe, administer or arrange for the administration of medicines for the treatment of a patient in his or her care. The medicine and its use may or may not be approved.
Section 29 of the Act permits the sale or supply to medical practitioners of medicines that have not been approved, and requires the "person" who sells or supplies the medicine to notify the Director-General of Health of that sale or supply in writing naming the medical practitioner and the patient, describing the medicine and the date and place of sale or supply.

Under Section 29 of the Medicines Act 1981, a medical practitioner may obtain a nonregistered medication for a named patient under their care for a specific treatment.
Manufacturers are not permitted to advertise or promote the availability of these products, but the medical officer may request availability from the agent or manufacturer who will import these products from overseas.
The prescriber name, patient name and dispensing details are forwarded to the Ministry of Health in a monthly report. When purchasing stock, it is usually necessary to furnish details of practitioners and patient names before stock will be supplied.

The suppliers require pharmacy to have all details required before they will replenish our stock.
The patient and doctors' first and last name, NHI # and the quantity used for each dose.
If a patient is on something long term you can record this with writing the info once with the date time frame it covers, and giving a weekly total.

What to do before administering a S29 medication?