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 Published: 08/02/2017

Resources for Parents

The Newborn Service at National Women's Health aims to practice the principles of family centred care.  The environment within the NICU has been designed specifically with families in mind, and developmental care considerations have been integral to the physical layout of the clinical areas.

A range of resources and facilities are available for parents, including information sheets.

A nurse specialist role (Nurse Specialist - Family Liaison) has been developed specifically for the Newborn Service.  The role aims to ensure that parents needs for information and support are being met whilst they are in the Newborn ICU.  They have a key role in preparing families for discharge from the NICU, and provide support and assistance for midwifery staff in the postnatal wards when specific babies with special needs are discharged there prior to discharge home.

Four overnight parent rooms are available for parents.  These are most commonly used by parents prior to taking their infants home, but are also used as a means of allowing mothers to "room in" so that breast feeding can be established and supported.  The overnight parent rooms are also used by families whose babies are critically ill, so that families can be near to their sick infant.

Neonatal Trust - a parent support group affiliated with the NICU at National Women's - has an office just outside the front entrance of NICU.  They have a range of services available for families.