Process Issues for Neonatal Staff Attending Deliveries in Operating Rooms


Reviewed by Anne Wroe, CNE, Operating Rooms
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The theatres that deal with all Obstetric cases are Theatres 1 & 2, although occasionally Theatres 3 or 4 may be used for an emergency case. Theatre 1 is dedicated to all acutes and multiple births and Theatre 2 is used for elective cases, but sometimes it is also used in the event of an emergency.

When you are required to come to the OR, in most cases you will not be required to scrub. However, as you are entering a sterile field it is important that you maintain a level of sterility and be absolutely aware of the sterile field.

 The recommendations are:

As neonatal staff, the need to scrub and don sterile gloves & gowns is not usually a requirement, but there are some instances where this may be necessary:

There is an ADHB policy governing the practices of the surgical scrub, as well as a policy governing the practice of donning surgical gloves and gowns. These policies are available to read and is the responsibility of all staff who work for the ADHB to become familiar with them.  Please be aware that not all hospitals have the same policies and scrubbing practices, but it is important that you become familiar with each hospitals different policy.  The ADHB requires you to follow their Recommended Best practices and Policies whilst working here.

 If you are bringing a Trainee Intern with you to the OR to assist, please ensure that they adopt the appropriate practices.

 If you have any problems at all, please donít hesitate to contact the Nurse Educator.