• A description of the use of CPAP in NWH NICU.  Currently contains a slideshow presentation available only through the intranet site.
Ventilation Basics
  • A "Dummies Guide" about how to change ventilator settings.
Modes of Conventional Ventilation
  • A brief description of terminology for the different available modes.
Respiratory Function Monitoring and Graphical Analysis
  • An explanation of the information available from respiratory function monitors.  Some examples are included.
Setting up Volume Guarantee
  • A guide to picking the correct baby, starting on the correct settings, and changing the settings appropriately.
Alarms and the Babylog
  • A guide to dealing with alarm messages.
High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation
  • A guide on initial settings for HFOV, with links to related documents.
How should I set up HFOV on the Babylog?
  • A guide to the use and limitations of HFOV the Babylog 8000plus.
Nitric Oxide
  • Links to the clinical guideline for iNO.