Reviewed by Dr Pat Clarkson, Robyn Wilkinson, Brenda Hughes, Lejla Brkic
January 1999
Reviewed By Dr Jon Skinner, October 1999
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Management of Adenosine Administration




  1. Administered by doctor or NS-ANP with doctor in attendance.

  2. Dilute immediately prior to use to 1mg / ml by adding to sodium chloride 0.9% using our usual dilution method.

  3. Filter prior to administration through a 0.22 micron filter

  4. Administer by direct IV injection over 1 to 2 seconds.

  5. Follow instantaneously with a rapid flush of sodium chloride 0.9%

  6. Compatible with sodium chloride 0.9%. Adenosine 1mg/mL compatible with glucose 5% 10

Nursing Considerations

  1. Continuous ECG printout during and immediately after administration IS ESSENTIAL. File record in patient notes
  2. Where practical record blood pressure prior to first dose
  3. Continuous cardio-respiratory monitoring. Observe closely for arrhythmia.
  4. Monitor and assess patient response to therapy.
  5. Observe for signs of adverse effects and arrhythmias
  6. Ensure resuscitation equipment available.



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