Reviewed by Brenda Hughes
September 2009
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Management of  Amikacin Administration

Description 1,2,6



Slow IV Infusion

  1. No further dilution required ( 5mg/ml).
  2. For infants <1000 grams administer as close to the intravascular catheter (LL, UVC, IV) as possible to avoid the need for large NaCl flushes.  Note that the prepared syringes are pre-filtered so no added Pall filter is required.
  3. Administer by slow IV infusion over 30 minutes using a syringe pump.
  4. Incompatible with Heparin.
  5. Do not mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood or blood products.
  6. Flush line with 0.9% NaCl before and after infusion of Amikacin.
  7. Compatible with 0.9% NaCl or 5% Dextrose.

Nursing Considerations

  1. Trough and peak levels (if requested) - 1 hour after the infusion commences, 30 minutes after the infusion ceases.
  2. Observe site for extravasation during administration.
  3. Observe for signs of renal, hepatic and haematological dysfunction during prolonged therapy.



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