Reviewed by Dr Carl Kuschel, Dorothy Cooper
August 1998
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Management of Atropine Administration




Slow IV Injection

  1. Is administered by the doctor / NS-ANP. In an emergency situation the nurse may administer under the direct supervision of the doctor present.
  2. Further dilution not necessary.
  3. Administer IV by slow injection over 1 minute.
  4. Filter prior to administration through a Pall 0.2 micron filter.
  5. Compatible with D5W and NS.
  6. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood and blood products.
  7. Flush line with NS before and after administration of atropine.

IM Injection

  1. Further dilution not necessary.

Administration of Intratracheal Atropine

  1. Administered by Doctor/NS-ANP or Nurse with neonatal IV drug certification.
  2. Instil into endotracheal tube followed immediately by 1ml NS.

Nursing Considerations

  1. Observe IV site for signs of extravasation.
  2. Assess for signs of adverse effects.
  3. Continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring.
  4. Document vital signs hourly and PRN.
  5. Monitor fluid balance.
  6. Ensure good oral care.
  7. Monitor temperature closely for hyperthermia.
  8. Observe for gastric distension.



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