Reviewed by Dr Simon Rowley, Dorothy Cooper
August 1996
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Management of Survanta Administration




  1. Warm in hand for 8 minutes or at room temperature for 20 minutes.
  2. Do NOT SHAKE.
    Draw up dose into 5 - l0 ml syringe through a large needle. DO NOT filter.
  3. Cut a 6 FG feeding tube to just over the length of the ETT.
  4. Doctor / NS-ANP administers surfactant.
  5. Ventilate between boluses for baby to recover.
  6. Avoid suctioning for one hour if possible. Subsequent suctioning should be as per baby's normal routine and/or on consultation with medical staff.
  7. See Protocol Book for non-ventilated infants on SCBU.

Nursing Considerations

  1. Monitor heart rate, SaO2, colour, chest movement and document.
  2. After administration, monitor closely to prevent post-dose hyperoxia and hypocarbia.
  3. Monitor arterial blood gas (ABG) as ordered by Doctor / NS-ANP.




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