DBL Cefotaxime®, Claforan®

Reviewed by Brenda Hughes & Liz Oliphant (Pharmacy Dept). Dr Lesley Voss & ID Team Starship.
January 2013
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Management of Cefotaxime Administration





  1. Dilute to 100mg/ml with water for injection 7.
      Cefotaxime (DBL) 500mg Cefotaxime (DBL) 1gram
    Powder space: 0.2ml 0.4ml
    Water to be added 4.8ml 9.6ml
      500mg in 5.0ml 1 gram in 10.0ml
      100mg in 1.0ml 100mg in 1.0ml
  2. Shake vigorously. Filter during administration through a 0.2 micron Pall filter.
  3. Administer over 3 to 5 minutes 3.
  4. Compatible with sodium chloride 0.9%, glucose 5% and glucose 10%
  5. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, strongly alkaline solutions, blood or blood products.
  6. Flush line with sodium chloride 0.9% before and after infusion of cefotaxime.
  7. Separate administration from aminoglycoside antibiotics by one hour eg. gentamicin, amikacin.3

Nursing Considerations

  1. Observe site closely for extravasation during administration.
  2. Observe for signs of adverse effects, especially those suggesting a superinfection.
  3. Observe for signs of renal, hepatic or haematological dysfunction during prolonged therapy.



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