Reviewed by Dorothy Cooper
September 1998
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Management of Ceftazadime Administration




Slow IV Infusion

  1. Reconstitute with water to 100 mg/ml. Water should be added in two stages.
      Ceftazadime 500mg Ceftazadime 1gram

    Powder Space

    0.5ml 1.0ml

    Water to be added

    4.5ml 9.0ml
      500mg in 5.0ml 1gram in 10.0ml
  1. Shake vigorously. Allow 1-2 minutes for carbon dioxide to be released before drawing up dose. Filter prior to administration via a 0.2 micron Pall filter. Small bubbles in solution may be disregarded.
  2. Does not require further dilution.
  3. Administer by slow IV infusion over 30 minutes using a syringe pump.
  4. Compatible with D5W, D10W and NS. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood, or blood products. (Incompatible with aminoglycosides, sodium bicarbonate and vancomycin).
  5. Flush line with NS before and after infusion of ceftazadime.

Nursing Considerations

  1. Observe site closely for extravasation during administration.
  2. Observe for signs of adverse effects.
  3. Observe for signs of renal, hepatic or haematological dysfunction during prolonged therapy.
  4. Monitor for signs of super-infection.



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