Reviewed by Dorothy Cooper
September 1998
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Management of Chlorpromazine Administration




IM Injection

  1. Wear gloves when preparing. Contact may cause severe contact dermatitis.
  2. Administer undiluted, deep into a quadriceps muscle. If irritation at IM site occurs, dilute with NS 6.
  3. Compatible with NS 5, D5W and D10W.
  4. Do not mix with other medications in syringe 5.
  5. Must not be given subcutaneously as solution is very irritating. Should not be given by direct IV or intermittent infusion because of tissue irritation 3, 5.


  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Add required volume to milk 6.

Nursing Considerations

  1. Monitor vital signs including BP for hypotension.
  2. Apnoea monitoring whilst on medication.
  3. Observe for signs of adverse effects.
  4. Patients should remain supine for 30 minutes after IM injection, monitor BP (tachycardia may occur with IM injection) 3, 5.



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