Reviewed by NICU and Dept. of Pharmacy
November 2011
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Management of  Doxapram Administration


This brand is not licensed in N.Z. (2011) and therefore only available under Section 29 of the Medicines Act. Prescription



  1. Compatible with glucose 5%, glucose 10%, sodium chloride 0.9%.
  2. Incompatible with parenteral nutrition, alkaline solutions (e.g. sodium bicarbonate , and frusemide so run separately).
  3. Administer as a continuous infusion via a syringe pump
  4. Change preparation every 24 hours

Nursing Considerations

  1. Babies on doxapram will usually also be receiving CPAP and need meticulous care in its application.
  2. Capillary or arterial blood gases as ordered.
  3. Monitor vital signs (BP, pulse rate, saturations).


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