Furosemide, Frusemide DBL, Lasix

Reviewed by NICU and Dept. of Pharmacy
November 2011
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Management of  Furosemide  Administration


IV Preparation

Oral Preparation


Continuous Infusion

Charted on fluid chart giving:

Also charted on drug chart under "continuous infusion" giving:


Slow IV Injection

  1. Dilution is not required.
  2. Administer by slow IV injection over 5 minutes. Filter prior to administration through a 0.2 micron Pall in-line filter.
  3. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solution, blood or blood products.
  4. Always flush with sodium chloride 0.9% after IV drug administration to prevent precipitation when mixing with drugs of low pH.

Continuous IV Infusion

  1. Compatible with 0.9% sodium chloride (preferred diluent) , glucose 5 % and glucose 10%
  2. Administer via a syringe pump. Change fluid and tubing every 24 hours. Do not use discoloured solutions.
  3. Incompatible with dobutamine, dopamine, gentamicin and other aminoglycosides midazolam, milrinone and morphine8.  Other drug compatibilities should be checked with ward pharmacist.


  1. Preferably give one hour prior to feeds.  The presence of food may decrease bioavailability.  1

Nursing Considerations

  1. Assess for signs of adverse effects.
  2. Assess IV site carefully for signs of extravasation.
  3. Record weight, B.P. and pulse rate. Record urine output accurately, especially for infants on continuous infusions.
  4. Measure serum electrolytes, blood glucose, SBR.


IV preparation. Oral Solution.
Store at room temperature <25°C. Store in refrigerator.  Do not freeze.
Protect from light. Discard 3 weeks from opening.


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