GlucaGen HypoKit

Reviewed by Clinical Practice Committee
February 2018
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Management of Glucagon Administration



Continuous infusion

Charted on fluid chart giving:

Also charted on drug chart under continuous infusions giving:


Continuous Infusions

  1. Add 1ml of diluent water provided to the 1 mg vial (1000 microgram of glucagon).
  2. Mix well. Do not use if not clear.
  3. Consider compatible in Dextrose 5% and Dextrose 10%. The is conflicting information on compatibility with other diluents. Consider incompatible with all other substances. Use a separate line for glucagon infusions.
  4. Filter prior to administration through a Pall 0.22 micron filter.
  5. Administer via a syringe pump.
  6. Change fluid and tubing every 24 hours.

Slow IV Injection

  1. Reconstitute with water to 1mg/ml immediately prior to use.
  2. Does not require further dilution. Filter prior to administration.
  3. There is no data available on drug or additive compatibilities. Consider incompatible with all other substances. Precipitates in chloride and calcium solutions.
  4. Administer by slow IV injection over 1 minute.
  5. Flush with Dextrose 5% before and after administration of glucagon.
  6. Do NOT mix with any drugs, IV solutions, blood and blood products.

IM or SC Injection

  1. Reconstitute with water to 1mg/ml immediately prior to use.

Nursing Considerations

  1. Assess IV site closely for signs of extravasation.
  2. Observe for signs of adverse effects.
  3. Observe clinical condition closely for signs of hypoglycaemia. Monitor blood glucose levels.
  4. Monitor blood pressure regularly.



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