Isoproterenol, Isuprel

Reviewed by Dorothy Cooper
November 1996
Dose revised to nanograms April 2003
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Management of Isoprenaline Administration



Charted on fluid chart giving:

Also charted on drug chart under continuous infusions giving:


Continuous Infusion

  1. Dilute prior to administration.
  2. Filter prior to administration through a 5 micron filter.
  3. Compatible with D5W, D10W, NS. Is compatible with furosemide and sodium bicarbonate.
  4. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood or blood products.
  5. Discard any discoloured solution.
  6. Administer via a syringe pump.
  7. Cover tubing and syringe with tinfoil.
  8. Stability of diluted isoprenaline solutions unknown. Change solution and tubing every 24 hours. Consider more frequent solution change if baby's clinical condition is deteriorating (solution may be losing potency).

Observation and Documentation

  1. Assess for signs of adverse effects.
  2. Continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring.
  3. Continuous blood pressure monitoring.
  4. Monitor central venous pressure.
  5. Document vital signs hourly and PRN.
  6. Obtain blood gases before and during drug use.
  7. Monitor both an upper and a lower TcO2, and pulse oximetry.
  8. Monitor fluid balance.


Selected References

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