Reviewed by Dorothy Cooper
September 1996
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Management of  Magnesium Administration



Slow IV infusion

Individual doses are charted on stat page of drug chart giving.

Continuous Infusions

Charted on fluid chart giving:

Also charted on drug chart under continuous infusions giving:


Continuous Infusion

  1. Administered by a nurse with Neonatal IV Drug Certification.
  2. Dilute prior to use to make an 8% concentration in D5W (80 mg/ml).
    1. Draw up 8ml of 49.3% magnesium sulphate
    2. Add to 42ml D5W
    3. 50ml = 4000 mg in 50ml
                = 80 mg in 1ml
  3. Filter prior to administration through a 5 micron filter.
  4. Compatible with NS, D5W.
    Incompatible with calcium and sodium bicarbonate.
  5. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood or blood products. Use a separate line for administration of magnesium sulphate.
  6. Administer via a syringe pump.
  7. Change fluid and tubing every 24 hours.

Observation and Documentation

  1. Monitor for adverse reactions.
  2. Monitor blood pressure frequently. (Continuously if possible).
  3. Continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring.
  4. Document vital signs hourly and PRN.
  5. Monitor fluid balance.
  6. Observe for and document seizure activity.
  7. Have resuscitation equipment and ventilatory support available.


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