Reviewed by Dr Simon Rowley and Dorothy Cooper
November 1996
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Management of Naloxone Administration




Intramuscular Injection

  1. The preferred route of administration is IM

Slow IV push

  1. Dilution is not required.
  2. Administer by slow IV push.
  3. Filter prior to administration through a 5 micron filter.
  4. Compatible with NS, D5W and heparin. Incompatible with alkaline solutions. Very little information is available on other solution or drug compatibilities.
  5. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood or blood products.
  6. Flush with NS before and after administration of naloxone.

Observation and Documentation

  1. Observe for adverse reactions.
  2. Monitor vital signs and observe carefully for signs of improvement or deterioration of ventilatory activity.
  3. Ensure resuscitation equipment is available.
  4. Monitor for bleeding.


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