Reviewed by Dr Carl Kuschel and Brenda Hughes
July 2000
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Management of Netilmicin Administration


  1. Single-use syringes of 10 prepared by Biomed. These syringes are prepared as a diluted solution of the proprietary product.
  2. Proprietary ampoules (Schering-Plough) of 150mg/1.5 mL available from Pharmacy. These ampoules contain benzyl alcohol.



Slow IV Infusion

  1. Do not use syringe if seal is broken.
  2. Administer by slow IV infusion over 30 minutes using a syringe pump.
  3. Compatible with sodium chloride 0.9%, glucose 5%, and glucose 10%.
  4. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood or blood products.

Observation and Documentation

  1. Observe regularly for signs of renal dysfunction.
  2. Observe for signs of other adverse effects.
  3. Ensure patients are well hydrated during therapy 4.


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