Dr Carl Kuschel and Brenda Hughes
January 2001
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Management of Suxamethonium Administration




Slow IV Injection

  1. Administered only by medical staff/NS-ANP.
  2. Further dilution not required.
  3. Filter prior to administration through a 5 micron filter.
  4. Administered by slow IV injection.
  5. Compatible with NS, D5W.
  6. Do NOT mix with other drugs, IV solutions, blood or blood products.

Observation and Documentation

  1. Monitor for signs of adverse reactions.
  2. Have supportive therapy: resuscitation equipment, oxygen and mechanical ventilation on hand.
  3. Continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring.
  4. Monitor oxygenation with blood gases, or pulse oximetry.
  5. Evaluate and document patient response to drug, recovery.
  6. Does NOT alter pain threshold.
  7. Monitor temperature closely.


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