Vitamin K1, Konakion® MM Paediatric

Reviewed by Brenda Hughes (Pharmacy), Dr Simon Rowley, Dr Carl Kuschel, and Helen Lamb (NSANP)
February 2007
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Management of Phytomenadione Administration



  1. At birth, Vitamin K dose to be recorded on the Blue Neonatal Record.
  2. Subsequent doses are charted, as mg/dose, on the Stat side of the drug chart.


IM Injection

  1. Do NOT dilute further.2
  2. Administer by deep injection into the middle third of anterolateral aspect of the thigh (vastus lateralis muscle).

Slow IV Injection

  1. Do NOT dilute further.
  2. Administer slowly.
  3. Do NOT administer with other drugs, IV solutions, blood or blood products.

Observation and Documentation

  1. Ensure informed consent has been obtained from parents.
  2. Use extreme caution during IV administration. Monitor vital signs.
  3. Ensure resuscitation equipment is available.


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