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 Published: 29/11/2011

5th Year Student Selectives


  1. Obtain clinical experience in Level II Neonatal Nursery – attend daily ward rounds at least 3 days/week and educational sessions as appropriate.
  2. Be able to demonstrate competence in examination of the normal newborn and resuscitation at delivery. Attend deliveries with House Surgeon on duty at least 1 day/week.
  3. Undertake longitudinal study of preterm babies and their families (up to 3 or 4 depending on problems). Undertake their practical care where possible (fluids/feeds, monitoring etc.). Submit a written report detailing one aspect of this study e.g. effects on the families, comparison between babies, evolution of clinical problems etc.
  4. Submit a written critical assessment of the literature regarding the management of 1 or 2 common neonatal problems.
  • Written reports to be submitted not later than 1 week after completion of selective.


  1. Supervised examination of newborn (Consultant on duty or Supervisor)
  2. Supervisor to assess written reports for evidence of:
    • critical evaluation of literature
    • critical evaluation of differences between literature recommendations and clinical practice
    • perception of impact of neonatal illness on infant and family
    • recognition of unique aspects of newborn care i.e. how differs from other child or adult care.
  3. Supervisor to consult with other staff members regarding attendance involvement, sensitivity to clinical requirements of neonatal unit and families etc.