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 Published: 24/03/2016

Privacy statement
Published: 24/03/2016


Media releases from the Auckland District Health Board, Auckland Regional Public Health Service and Auckland Regional District Health Board's
bullet point 24 March 2016 Health Minister Jonathan Coleman - 29% increase in Auckland DHB patients receiving specialist assessments
bullet point 17 March 2016 Auckland DHB scores 100% in Good Employer review
bullet point 26 February 2016 Bula Vinaka to staff and patients with family and friends in Fiji
bullet point 23 February 2016 Starship Child Health, Auckland District Health Board Submission to the Building (Pools) Amendment Bill 2015. View the submission document here
bullet point 23 February 2016 Auckland and Waitemata DHBs announce new parenting and pregnancy advice provider
bullet point

18 January 2016

Health Professional Advice: BCG vaccine unavailable in New Zealand until further notice
bullet point 11 January 2016 Congratulations to our people recognised in New Year's honours
bullet point

7 December 2015

Auckland DHB Health Excellence Awards Winners 2015 announced

bullet point 26 November 2015 Auckland and Waitemata DHBs launch maternity services plan for future growth
bullet point 8 October 2015 Eating Disorders Services Hub to offer clinical critical mass for patients
bullet point 13 August 2015 High patient numbers at Auckland City Hospital
bullet point 23 July 2015

To improve the experience of our patients we are making some changes to the way people access the dental health emergency relief of pain service at Greenlane Clinical Centre.

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3 July 2015

Fancy having an alcohol-free month to help adult cancer patients at the same time as improving your own health? Then Dry July is just what the doctor ordered!
bullet point 22 May 2015 Good uptake promises to extend vaccine’s protection: Auckland DHB influenza distribution figures to 1 May 2015
bullet point 13 May 2015 Auckland DHB and Compass committed to maintaining food service jobs
bullet point 7 May 2015

Patient wellbeing at centre of New Zealand’s first in-hospital design lab

bullet point 23 April 2015

Auckland DHB Progressing Sustainable Transport Project

bullet point 16 April 2015

Have a conversation that counts… before it’s too late

bullet point 31 March 2015 Aucklanders – don’t forget about Healthline this Easter
bullet point 6 March 2015

Join Dr Barry Snow in a rare opportunity to hear and talk with Dr Atul Gawande

bullet point 23 February 2015 Organ Donation New Zealand release Annual Report
bullet point 10 February 2015 Anatomic Pathology Service Colocation
bullet point 21 January 2015

Nurses celebrate 10 years of Operating Room induction program

bullet point 15 December 2014

Auckland-region DHBs accept Food Services proposal

bullet point 8 December 2014

Immunise On Time Every Time to protect your baby

bullet point 4 December 2014

Health Excellence Awards Winners 2014 announced

bullet point 14 November 2014 Auckland DHB conducts regular review of Department of Forensic Pathology
bullet point 10 November 2014

Babies given the best start in life

bullet point 7 November 2014

Best foot forward to reduce falls

bullet point

5 November 2014

Health Excellence Awards Finalists 2014 announced
bullet point

29 October 2014

Auckland-region DHBs consult staff on Food Services proposal
bullet point

17 October 2014

Reducing harm from high-risk medicines
bullet point

22 September 2014

Specialist mental health mother and baby unit
bullet point

11 September 2014

Auckland DHB hosts Alliance agreement signing

bullet point

26 August 2014

Auckland District Health Board (DHB) is celebrating after achieving all six national Health Targets, proving its dedication and commitment to provide high quality services for patients and their families.
bullet point

21 August 2014

Children learn to eat and drink again through groundbreaking Starship pilot programme
bullet point

13 August 2014

New regional facility for blood cancer patients

bullet point

8 August 2014

Nurses release more time to care
bullet point

31 July 2014

World-class Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Centre opens in Auckland
bullet point

20 June 2014

Laboratory Transition Programme update
bullet point

11 June 2014

Hands up for hygiene
bullet point

11 June 2014

Auckland DHB clinical researchers awarded $2.7m
bullet point

27 May 2014

Community‐driven plan to improve Pacific health 
bullet point

27 May 2014

Health targets: Improvements needed in final quarter
bullet point

19 May 2014

It’s Dry July time again
bullet point

5 May 2014

Hand hygiene achievement
bullet point

4 April 2014

Auckland and Waitemata DHB’s investment in their communities
bullet point

25 March 2014

IT issues resolved

bullet point 24 March 2014 IT regional network issue
bullet point 25 February 2014 Auckland DHB second quarter health targets results
bullet point 5 February 2014 Emergency department clinical director supports recommendations on alcohol
bullet point 8 January 2014

Screening for tuberculosis

bullet point 18 December 2013 Explanation sought from external supplier
bullet point

13 December 2013

Health and design go handinhand
bullet point 26 November 2013 Health target results cause for optimism
bullet point 25 October 2013

Blowing away anaesthesia myths

bullet point 16 October 2013 Kiwi kids reveal what makes them happy
bullet point 7 October 2013 Health services for transgender and transsexual people
bullet point 2 September 2013 Early transition of Clinical Pathology Services
bullet point 27 August 2013 A strong performance by a committed team
bullet point 15 August 2013

Tissue samples held in error

bullet point 01 July 2013

Auckland DHB signs pledge of support for Open for Better Care national patient safety campaign

bullet point 27 June 2013 Statement from Auckland DHB and Gravatt Family
bullet point 30 May 2013 ADHB removes gloves in fight against rheumatic fever
bullet point 20 May 2013 It's Dry July time again
bullet point 13 May 2013 New Zealand Health Innovation Hub appoints convenor
bullet point

17 April 2013

Patient privacy investigation findings.   Click here for the Privacy Breach Report.   Click here for the Auckland DHB Staff Confidentiality Agreement.
bullet point

18 March 2013

Response to court decision lifting name suppression
bullet point 15 March 2013 Now is the best time for flu vaccination
bullet point 15 March 2013 Action taken to minimise Legionella risk
bullet point 8 March 2013 Community-referred laboratory contract
bullet point 27 February 2013 Health Targets success means better care for our community
bullet point 26 February 2013 Legionella case no cause for alarm
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