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Published: 13/12/2012



For general enquiries, phone: (+64) 9 307 4903

If you wish to refer a patient, please follow the link to Clinician Resources.

If you know the person you need to contact, use the email links below.  If you're unsure who you need or for general enquiries, email us at contactpicu@adhb.govt.nz and we will forward your enquiry to the relevant person.



Clinical Director   Dr John Beca
Consultants   Dr Brian Anderson
    Dr David Buckley
    Dr Fiona Miles
    Dr Gabrielle Nuthall
    Dr Elizabeth Segedin
    Dr Brent McSharry
    Dr Anusha Ganeshalingham
Clinical Fellow   Dr Alex Hussey
Nurse Manager   Nic Gini
Clinical Nurse Consultant    
Nurse Educators   Katrina Hutching
Clinical Charge Nurses   Kelly Bowman
    Emir Gillett
    Susannah Matthews
    Yvonne Van Dort
    Rebecca Bennett
    Jessica Fieldes
Transport / Retrieval    
Research   Claire Sherring
    Miriam Rea
Technical / Equipment   Carsten Zopf
Bereavement Service   Ann Doran
Health & Safety Reps   Susannah Matthews
    Lee Barton
    Sue Ashley
Infection Control Rep   Emir Gillett
    Nicola Mercer-Ellis
Team Administrators   Sue Ashley
    Kate Malster
Ward Clerks   Robyn Armstrong (Day M-Th)
    Usha McRae (Day F)
    Rod Matenga (Weekend)