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Published: 13/12/2012

Clinician Resources

Should you wish to refer or discuss a patient with PICU day or night...

Please call the PICU registrar on 021 893 885 or the front desk on 09 307 4903 and we will put you in contact with the on-call intensivist.

If you wish to browse our protocols and recommended best practices (RBPs), please note...

  1. All guidelines and protocols have been written primarily for use within the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of Starship Children’s Hospital.
  2. Protocols and guidelines are reviewed regularly and altered as required. Printed copies of protocols held within this website may not be the current version.
  3. The responsibility is with the clinician viewing the protocols to ensure that the information contained within is accurate.
  4. Practices and culture vary between hospitals. A protocol which is appropriate to the Starship PICU may be inappropriate in a different environment with a different skill mix. If managing a critically ill child within New Zealand, it is recommended you also contact the on call intensivist for Starship PICU (see the top of this page).
  5. Links to some policies and protocols will only be available through the intranet. It is recommended JavaScript is enabled to hide these links when viewing from outside ADHB. These protocols are hidden purely for clarity and readability. Should you wish to view a protocol associated with an intranet link, please email us explaining why you wish to see the protocol, and we will email you a copy.

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For educational resources...

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