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Published: 02/12/2014

Child & Youth Mental Health & Addictions

"The Child and Youth Direction means a lot to me as a young person with lived experience of services. The Direction ensures that health professionals and services/departments are encouraged to think deeply about the importance of engaging with young people in service delivery, and further consider the value that our input brings to improving services across the sector. It gives me hope as a young person, that our voices are being considered, and that the needs and voices of other young people accessing services are put at the forefront of the health professionals minds who work alongside them. The principles and goals give me confidence that the sector is genuine in their aspirations to improve services and find ways to work together that correctly serves the well-being of young people in Auckland.  The Directions' desire to tie everyone together, and to support service providers in the growth of effective service delivery is admirable. I personally feel as a young person, that we have the ability to create a vibrant interwoven community dedicated to supporting and responding to youth health concerns as a collective."

- Nicole Simons, Affinity Services, Member of Auckland DHB Child & Youth Mental Health & Addictions Direction Governance Group, Leader of Affinity Youth Reference Group, Youth voice on Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project Expert Group.


In December 2013, the Auckland DHB approved the implementation of the Integrated Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Direction 2013-2023 (Direction). A PDF copy of the direction is now available on our publications page under "C".


“Children, young people and families of Auckland experience and enjoy good mental health and emotional wellbeing."

What does this actually mean? It means that children, young people and families feel:

  • Able to fully participate in their community.

  • Hopeful about their future.

  • They live in a community that understands and accepts the part it can play in ensuring more children and young people get a better start in life.

  • Free, or supported to be free, from the harmful impacts of addiction and mental distress.

  • Able to lead, or be supported to lead, positive changes in their own lives.


The Governance Group was established in May 2014 and meets monthly. The Governance Group is charged with actively working through and directing the implementation and integration of the existing projects/work. A key component is the youth voice and ensuring their voice is heard and that they guide our approach and actions. We check at each meeting that we are upholding the principles of the Direction in the way we are working. Our principles are:

  • Meaningful co-design with children and youth.

  • Authentic engagement.

  • Responsiveness.

  • Diversity.

  • Community.

  • Intervening early.

C&Y 101 presentation

As a way to bring the Direction alive for our stakeholders we have an introductory presentation that promotes discussion about what the Direction stands for and how you can be involved. It takes about 45 minutes, including discussion. If you would like us to come and present to you please contact Hilary Carlile at or on 021 925 855.

Contact us

We welcome your feedback on the Direction, how it is being implemented, and how you would prefer to receive updates about this information. Please contact Hilary on or on 021 925 855.