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 Published: 29/09/2014

Privacy statement
Published: 29/09/2014

Interpreting Service provides a 24-hour health interpreting service to Auckland District Health Board. We also offer services to external services during normal business hours.

For all enquires please contact our service on 630 9943 and ask to speak with Interpreting Service or e-mail

Fees for ADHB clients: Interpreting service is free to all clients who are eligible for publicly funded healthcare at Auckland District Health Board. If the clients are not eligible for publicly funded healthcare and require interpreting services, the clients will be advised that they are responsible for cost involved.

If you are from a Non-ADHB organisation, you can also visit us on Should you wish to use our services and have not registered with us before, please click on "registration" to register with our service. During the registration process, you will be informed of our changes under our terms & conditions.


  • Interpreters are available for face to face interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting via tele-conference
  • To confirm booked appointments with non-English speaking clients
  • To ensure that an adequate medical history is obtained

In New Zealand, every individual has the legal right to an interpreter when dealing with the law, with health service providers or during elections, in keeping with Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (United Nation website)

Primary Health Interpreting Service

The Primary Health Interpreting Service is linked to the Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy (ARSS) Health Action Plan, and undertakes to pilot the use of interpreter services in primary care health services to identify costs, workforce development requirements, service specifications and service delivery structures.

ADHB Interpreter Service is the service provider for all Auckland District Health Board general practices and their clients. For all Non-English or Limited English speaking clients who are eligible for publicly funded healthcare in New Zealand, the practices can access free interpreting services for their clients. ACC funded clients are not included in the project. Telephone interpreting is the preferred medium and they can be utilised for all consultations except for those involving the:

  • Services provided by a registered health professional taking more than 45 minutes

  • Sign language interpreting

  • Collecting a comprehensive health history

  • Exercising of powers under the Mental Health Act

  • Discussing complex medical issues

  • Appointments for primary care early interventions such as HPV, B4SC, Breast Screening, Retinal Screening

  • Appointments for refugee and asylum seeker clients who have been in New Zealand for two years or less

Our service for the service is open from 8.00am to 4.30pm. For all enquires and bookings please contact (09) 6236453, fax (09) 6234695, or email To access telephone interpreting, please call 0800 559 555.

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)

ADHB recognize that New Zealand Sign Language is an official language of New Zealand and the provision of Sign Language is needed for the deaf communities in NZ.

Whenever practically possible, ADHB will endeavour to arrange a NZSL interpreter through established sign language providers for ADHB clients where sign language is needed.